Introduction To Me, My Life, and My Blog.

I am a California Girl, Mother, Wife, Foodie, Crafter, and anything else that my family asks me to do ;)! Because of my husband’s job it is often just my daughter and I for dinner, which after a very long day of work and school between us can be a challenge. A challenge in what way you may ask yourselves? A child wanting my attention while trying to prepare dinner, that she will probably complain about… Moms you know what I am talking about. I found the best way to handle this is to get her involved in the kitchen in some way. When she is able to help me put together dinner she has some buy in to the dish and is excited to try her creation. This blog will include recipes with pictures detailing how to get your kids involved in the kitchen and any other projects you can get your kids to help with. Some are simpler then others, but getting your child involved is the important part.

Giving my daughter a roll in the kitchen has changed her attitude towards not only food but holidays and gifts. She would rather make plates of cookies, breads, cupcakes, and meals that she helped make for people rather then give gifts. This has given a whole new meaning to gift giving and family time. I hope you enjoy my blog.


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